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IE Innovation Homecoming


The Inland Empire is a land of innovation, and much of that innovation centers around the people who were born and raised in the region. Some of our innovators have made a name for themselves in the region, while many others have distinguished themselves in other parts of the state or across the country.

What if we had an alumni reception for our innovators, not for any particular high school or university, but for the entire region? Join us as we welcome back and celebrate our alumni entrepreneurs and innovators at the inaugural Inland Empire Innovation Homecoming!

This event is an opportunity to recognize and showcase alumni from the Inland Empire who have had an impact in the field of innovation. Although we will not be crowning a “king” and “queen” at this homecoming, we will be awarding outstanding innovators and entrepreneurs in different categories. We will do so through a comprehensive nominations process, enlisting the help of institutions, alumni, and professional networks.

What does it mean to be an alumni of the region?

  1. We require that nominees have had some part of their education in the two county region; they can be current residents of the Inland Empire, but are not required to currently live or work in the region.
  2. We require that nominees have a strong passion for the region, it’s people, and culture. We want nominees to be champions of innovation and the Inland Empire.

What does it mean to be an innovator?

  1. Innovation means doing things differently or doing things that have never been done before. An innovator embraces this idea and creates new products, services, processes, or organizations that challenge the status quo, push boundaries, and achieve growth.
  2. The innovation creates new value and helps to lift up our regional core values of resilience, inclusion, sustainability, and equity.
  3. Innovation can happen in any sector, including, but not limited to: aerospace, agricultural technology, biotechnology, clean technology and natural resource management, community organizations, creative arts and music, development and construction, education, financial services, government, health and healthcare, information technology, micro-enterprises, real estate, social innovation and enterprise, and many more.