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Social Innovation & Impact

The term social innovation refers to new social practices that aim to meet social needs in a better way than the existing solutions, resulting from – for example – working conditions, education, community development or health. These new solutions are more effective, efficient, sustainable, than existing solutions. These new ideas are created with the goal of strengthening society, often with an emphasis on equity, serving historically disenfranchised communities. The Inland Empire is home to a multitude of nonprofit and community organizations doing amazing and transformative work. 

Recent Sector Highlights

Wells Fargo has awarded a grant of nearly $1M through its Open for Business Fund, to a partnership between Caravanserai Project, the Inland Empire Community Collaborative (IECC) and the Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF). The grant advances the partners’ on-going strategic efforts to strengthen the infrastructure and outcomes of mission-driven organizations in the Inland Empire of California through capacity building and technical assistance programs. Additionally, in 2021, Caravanserai Project was awarded a California Small Business Technical Assistance Expansion Program (SB TAEP) grant. Being a 2021/2022 SB TAEP grantee is a requirement to become a Dream Fund Program Center.

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BLU Educational Foundation’s Institute for Civic Engagement (The Institute) seeks to increase the leadership skills, collaboration, and advocacy opportunities for students, parents, future public officials and fellow community members. BLU offers Social Justice and Philanthropy Pathways and Guided Pathways Student Leadership Trainings. By centering each students’ passions, BluEducational Foundation strives to cultivate and support leaders who have both the motivation and inspiration to implement change. 

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The mission of the Microenterprise Collaborative of Inland Southern California is to create and grow sustainable small businesses and job development by supporting micro business development agencies. To accomplish its mission to create and grow sustainable small businesses and job development by supporting micro business development agencies, the Microenterprise Enterprise Collaborative of Inland Southern California will implement a three year (2022-2025) strategic plan that will convene, build, and support the work of our Partners dedicated to small business development. What follows is a list of our key Partners and the strategies the Collaborative will implement to secure mutual success.

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