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Listed below are our past opportunities. Click on each entity to expand it and learn more about the events that we’ve held in the past. 

Thank you again for attending and participating in the release of our State of Innovation in the Inland Empire report. The April 21 event was a great success, bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders and leaders from across Southern California.

One recurring theme was highlighting the important need, and opportunity, that we have to build a more collaborative engine for innovation that harnesses and grows the power of innovation champions—in industry, academia, government, and community.

CSI-UCR is happy to keep the momentum going, and will host a design session on June 21, on ways to strengthen the IE’s Innovation Ecosystem. As a leader in innovation in the region, we invite you to participate in this collaborative design session.

The Inland Empire Innovation Ecosystem Report (IE-squared) is an action-oriented report that includes a history of innovation in the region, plus contemporary qualitative and quantitative data. The report takes a deep dive into the local innovation ecosystem, exploring different aspects and components. 

There will also be a comprehensive directory of innovation incubators and accelerators in the region. In addition, we will develop an “innovation ready” framework involving jurisdictions, firms, and educational institutions in the region. After the report is completed there will be a multi-faceted marketing campaign, with the goal of both attracting investors and opportunities from within the region, but also reaching out to funders looking to be impactful in the Inland Empire. 


  1. Inland Empire Growth and Opportunity provides a roadmap for economic and workforce development connected with middle-skill jobs that don’t require a college degree
  2. The Inland Empire has significant assets in innovation-related enterprises, jobs, R&D, and other activities, but this information has not been compiled in a comprehensive manner
  3. In addition to providing a compelling narrative and comprehensive guide to innovation sector-related assets in the region, we have the opportunity to innovate in the designation of “innovation champion” jurisdictions and institutions