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Biotechnology (BioTech)

Historically, biotechnology in the Inland Empire was based around agricultural technology including research into fertilization methods and pest control. In the early twentieth century, scientists gained a greater understanding of microbiology which led to new and innovative discoveries including the development of antibiotics. The field of modern biotechnology is generally thought to have begun during the 1970s with innovations in gene manipulation technology. In the Inland Empire, institutions of higher learning including UC Riverside and Loma Linda University became the centers for biotechnology research in the region. In addition to these universities and colleges, several biotech companies currently operate in the I.E. including GeneLux in Redlands and Mammoth Technologies in Moreno Valley.

Recent Sector Highlights

Currently, there are two main entities playing a vital role in incubating BioTech startups in the IE: UCR’s Wet Lab Incubator and the Murrieta Innovation Center. Between the two there have been some very exciting innovations and startups that have been incubated in the region. 

Basilard Biotech is a Southern-California-based company that works in engineering of cell based therapies in Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT). In 2019, the company released a gene delivery technology platform called Celletto™. The startup’s technology was patented at the University of California, Riverside, and then licensed to startup Basilard BioTech.

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Located at MIC, SimplSeq improves genomic sequencing by simplifying the sample preparation process. Basically, the BioTech startup simplifies and automates the genomic sequencing workflow process. SimplSeq raised its seed round in March this year when it announced obtaining $500K from an investor whom the company leadership met at the JP Morgan Conference.

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NeyroblastGX LLC (NGL), a BioTech startup founded in 2020 out of the Murrieta Innovation Center, CA develops next-generation theranostic products for neurodegenerative and infectious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and COVID-19. 

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